By trusting in our company for all of your grooming needs, you are essentially improving your pet’s physical and emotional health and well-being. Dogs and cats need proper hygiene practices similar to humans to sustain vitality and prolong life. Our grooming services are beneficial for all pets big and small, old and young, and long or short haired. Whether your pet suffers from “stinky pet syndrome” every week or only once every couple months - we can help! Delaware Pet Grooming cares very deeply for your pet and we will provide you with the personal attention you and your pet deserve.


Our Services:

Specializing in dog and cat grooming, we offer a variety of services that can be customized to suit every customer's needs.


For the benefit of our furry friends and the environment, our shampoos and conditioners are natural, organic, and biodegradable. They do not contain any soap or detergent and are safe to use with flea control drops.  


Dog Grooming:


Full Service Packages

for Canines Only

  • Bathing Package- includes bath, blow dry, brush out, deshedding, nail trim, ear cleaning, and bandana or bows.
  • Grooming Package- includes everything from bathing package and also ear plucking, sanitary trim, paw pad trim, and customized haircut.
  • Puppy Package- includes everything from bathing package and also sanitary trim, paw pad trim, and facial trim.

Additional Services

for Canines

  • Nail Filing- includes the use of a dremel to file down and smooth sharp nails.
  • Nail Painting- includes nail polish color of your choice.
  • Gland Expression- includes external expression of anal glands.
  • Ear Cleaning- includes the swabbing of the ear with cleaner to rid it of dirt and debris.
  • Ear Plucking- includes removing the hair from inside and/or around the ear canal.
  • Teeth Brushing- a disposable toothbrush and toothpaste are used to remove plaque and freshen breath.
  • Teeth Scaling- a scaler is used to scrape away built-up tarter (call us for details - not suitable for all dogs).
  • Dematting- includes mat removal if we think it is possible and humane for your dog.
  • Sanitary Trim- includes trimming the hair around the private areas.
  • Facial Trim- includes trimming the hair around the eyes or face.
  • Paw Pad Trim- includes trimming the hair on the bottoms (pads) of the feet.
  • Flea Bath- includes an all natural and organic, pesticide alternative shampoo that is doctor recommended.
  • Skunk Bath- includes a special solution that exceeds all other products at getting rid of the smell.



Please call for a price estimate or visit us with your pet for a more precise quote. Pricing is based on breed, coat condition, pet's disposition, and type of haircut. 

Cat Grooming:


Individual Services

for Felines Only

  • Wet or Dry Bath- includes either a traditional bath in the tub or a less stressful bath using dry shampoo to cleanse and freshen.
  • Brush out- includes brushing out the natural coat (dematting not included).
  • Shave- includes a shave down of all the hair except the head and your choice of tail style.
  • Lion Trim- includes shave of most of the body, leaving the head, mane, and poof on the tail.